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We are Bandit. The young, unique and enthusiastic rock, pop and indie covers band with a real party vibe. Our repertoire contains legendary oldies and the catchiest modern hits that will get guests of all ages moving and dancing all night long! 

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Standard Service

Bandit's standard performance package offers our clients all the essential services you would expect of a professional function band to create the perfect party atmosphere! We aim to minimise costs by providing everything you need in this standard package:

  • Arrive around 6pm, set up & soundchecked by 7.30pm
  • Perform a live first dance if requested from our repertoire (weddings)
  • If not in our setlist we'll happily DJ a first dance request
  • Two sixty minute live sets up until midnight
  • Play music from our Laptop through the PA before, between and after our live sets until midnight
  • We use a very high quality sound system and lights for upto 300 people.


Additional Upgrade Options

For a more bespoke event we offer some great upgrade options:

  • DJ service run by a bandmate)
  • Late finish (After 12 midnight)
  • Early (pre-5pm) arrival
  • Learn a song especially for your event
  • Upgraded PA & Lighting for up to 1000 people
Call 0845 094 3815
or click here to email
Call 0845 094 3815
or click here to email


What We'll Do At Your Event

Arrival, set up and soundcheck

When we arrive at around 6pm (unless you've opted for early arrival) we'll unload our gear from the van and set up as quickly as we can, often meeting the venue staff beforehand briefly before we get on with soundcheck.

Soundcheck is important to test that the sound levels we are playing at are just right and so as to avoid any mishaps with sound limiters at the venue.

The whole process takes around 90 minutes - but can often take less time than that.

After set up

Once we've loaded in, sound checked, said 'hello' to the venue/event staff/organisers and caught our breath, we'll head to our changing room (please provide us with a secure room!) to get changed into our stage clothes, have a bite to eat and prepare for the show.

If for whatever reason we don't have time to eat before the show starts, please make sure we have some food arranged to have at the start of our first break between sets.


1st live set

When you are ready and we are ready to start we can get on with the show. The first set of 60 minutes begins and within moments you will be up and dancing like no-one is watching!

After the first set we’ll take a short break giving your guests the chance for a rest and some refreshments if they haven’t done so already. During the break a band member will make sure there is still music playing through our PA so the atmosphere doesn't dip for those go-all-nighters among you!

2nd live set & end of the night

Once we've had a rest and you've had time to regain some energy for the second live perfomance, we'll come back on stage around 10-10:30pm.

We hope you're ready for us because we turn up the tempo and go hell-for-leather for the last hour, giving you an experience you won't forget for a long time.

If we finish, after encores, before midnight we'll put the laptop back in action until midnight. If you've opted for late finish we'll carry on until the agreed time!

At the end of the night we're happy to have a chat with guests but we need to get our gear packed up and be gone quite quickly. It usually takes us an hour to discreetly pack up and be back on the road!


If you have any other questions or would like to discuss things with us in greater detail, please feel free to get in touch with our Alive Network agents on 0845 094 3815, who will be more than happy to discuss your requirements.


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